Tumpuk is an e-commerce business that belongs to the FMCG and online retail industry

Fuild Transition

We will ensure that we flow with the trends and stay relevant in the Online FMCG retail industry in order to ensure that our customers get the products they desire and need at all times.


Our communication systems, both internally and with our customers, are the key to excellent performance.

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No matter how good the marketing program is; poor-quality products will destroy our base of referral business. It will also take us out of our high-end market.


Creating a desire for our services/products above all competitors is a key to our continued success, as well as creating the perception that we are the top of the line. Marketing will be mainly by establishing a strong advertising campaign on various social media platforms, storefront advertising, and in a traditional media vehicle

Core Values is guided with the following principles, which will place us at the highest and most decorated pedestal in the FMCG retail industry. These principles do not only apply to some areas of business; they apply to all our business dealings. At, these principles apply to the general management such that we are always innovative, thus offering services/products that set the pace for other online FMCG merchants.


Our services will build the trust of our clients in us and vice versa, such that they develop absolute confidence in our company and in our products, we will ensure that we are known and trusted to deliver the best.


Honesty is the rock on which every member of the team and management builds our effort. In all our dealings with one another, as well as with our clients, we will be seen to put honesty in the forefront.


We will ensure a regular core safety audit, we also pledge ourselves to our most esteemed clients to promote tactics and practices that will earn us an impeccable image.


We aim to ensure the highest level of transparency in all our dealings. We will put all our cards on the table while ensuring that our patrons get exactly what they have paid for.

Knowledge about Goods and Services

We aim to continue to update our knowledge with the latest and most profitable service techniques that comply with the international industry standards by keenly following the trends in the beauty industry and learning from the best hands in the game.

Community, pleasure, and passion for the Industry

We will do our very best to impact the community that we do business in, knowing that we will stand the test of time if the community approves and support our center.

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