About Us

Hi, PT CIPTA Digital International is a web-based FMCG store that is on the verge of being established in Jakarta and is poised to become one of the leading web store brands in Indonesia by the year 2030.

About Us

We intend to cater to both corporate and domestic clients and will strive to meet all the demands of our customers in Jakarta and neighboring cities and that is why we intend to go into a strategic business relationship with your prestigious logistics company as our 3rd party logistics partner.

Our Strategy

Apart from revenue generation and profit maximization, our strategic alliance with your corporation is intended to eliminate the barrages that come with delivery and order fulfillment and to make the processes hassle-free for our esteemed patrons.

We also intend to position our online FMCG store as a worthy competitor in the Indonesian online retail industry, as well as on the global stage. We reckon that to compete favorably with our competitors, we need to create several competitive strategies and that is why have decided to go into business with your corporation as this will ensure that we remain preemptive, productive, and achieve our preset goals and objectives.


PT CIPTA Digital International is owned and operated by Bernard Saputra. Bernard Saputra will employ the best hands who are FMCG retail experts with several years of experience in the delivery industry. The management intends to hire personnel with hands-on experience who has worked in all kinds of positions in several retail businesses and is best suited to bring the business to the required standard.